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GetFactionId / SetFactionId

Sinfar's systems support the manipulation of factions, including custom ones. Each faction is given a unique ID that can then be given different reputations with other factions.


You can attribute or remove the custom faction ID's to your erf NPC or faction PC with the following functions :

void AddCustomFactionToCreature(object oCreature, int nCustomFactionId);
void RemoveCustomFactionFromCreature(object oCreature, int nCustomFactionId);


int GetFactionId(object oObject);

This will return the Faction ID of oObject.

Default Factions:
1 = Hostile
2 = Commoner
3 = Merchant
4 = Defender

void SetFactionId(object oObject, int nFaction);

This will set oObject's Faction ID to nFaction.

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