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 +====== API (Core Functions and Constants) ======
 +The NWScript engine uses this file: [[https://​​res_nss_edit.php?​name=x_nwscript|x_nwscript.nss]] as reference to know:
 + - The internal engine structures (effect, event, location...)
 + - The internal functions (their implementation is hard-coded)
 +It also declares many constants and #include other scripts that do the same, they are all in this ERF: [[https://​​res_list.php?​erf_id=1]]
 +This x_nwscript.nss is loaded before compiling a script so everything that they contains
 +All base NWScript functions and constants are avaiable, their original documentation can be found here: [[https://​​]],​ but some of them have been changed (mostly extended) so you should first check if they are in the reference below.
 +Additionally,​ Sinfar has its own set of internal functions (and constants), they are in this those file: [[https://​​res_nss_edit.php?​name=x_sfscript|x_sfscript.nss]] and [[https://​​res_nss_edit.php?​name=x_sfscript_const|x_sfscript_const.nss]]. Feel free to try them, they should be crash-safe so at worst they will do nothing or cause a script error. ​
 +Here are the documented functions:
 +{{indexmenu>:​building:​scripts:​api#​10|nsort msort}}
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