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Troubleshooting Connection Issues

How to Direct Connect

Click “Direct Connect” and enter as the IP Address:

How to Connect Immediately After Launching the Game

You can create a shortcut file that will not only run sinfarx.exe but also make it skip the introduction video and main menu and make you log on Sinfar without having to click any button.

1) Create a basic shortcut for sinfarx.exe 2) Open the shortcut properties and add this after the path to sinfarx.exe:


Connection Errors

The game server that you are connecting to was unable to verify your password. The game server has opted to not allow players to join unless their password can be verified. Please try again later.

This is actually NOT a password issue but a CD key issue. The server uses your CD key (the public part of it) to protect your account and in this case it appears that you are currently not using the same CD key as the one that you (or someone else) previously used with this player account. So you have the following solutions:

  1. Find your previous CD key
  2. Unlock your account from the website (if you know your website password):
  3. Use a different player name (one that no one else used before, so it must not be found here:
  4. Ask Mavrixio to unlock your account (on the forum or discord)
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