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Winter is coming to Arche Terre!

Arche Terre will be celebrating the Nowel Fair soon. Stop by Mur Center to grab some seasonal goodies or to see how the town decorates for the season.


By The Gods - The Club - April 17

By the Gods – April 17

The great gods of ancient, stand on high in the clouds of the mighty Olympus. The lightning bolts rain down, illuminating the stormy sky. A decry has come down from the mountain top, a voice roaring like thunder to shake the earth. Let it be known to all in the land that the time has come.... to party.

A Severing of the Spine

What's this I hear? A tale of a soul torn apart from the body and captured in a sphere?  An item of great power this would surely make and now here my ears catch whispers of not only the existance but the scandulous truth of how it was made.

For what reason could someone desire an item such as this if not to control but to what end? Four spines on one body but with only one head to rule them all? Mystery is afoot and I still can't find my lute ... whatever is an amphibious bard to do?

Slaughter in Darkmist Village !

Slaughter inside the Devils Pilgrim in Darkmist Village !

A View with a Kill..

A curse and a blessing in disguise, your bard about the burg, Siegfried the Songmaster is still alive and well...Well.. As well as can be expected.

The Daily Sin#3: Commonwealth Festival

To those who cherish culture!

The Araakan Commonwealth announces that the catling Ashberry will be producing a play called Hamarita.

It is to be held in the Auditorium of Port Saban. Positions for musicians, artists and actors are still open!

The first position in the play has been filled, four roles remain.
Could all actors wishing to participate visit Ashberry Cat ta Berry as soon
as possible.

*Located near the bottom of the extract lies an emblem of the Araakan Commonwealth*

The Daily Sin#2: Skylar Korab; Loving Mother or Volatile Sadist?

Skylar Fae Korab has long presented herself to the world as a ideal model citizen. A loving wife, a caring mother, it’s no surprise to
anyone that she might be set up to become one of Sinifers most influential
leading citizens.However, through all these smoke have any of us ever seen
the true face of Skylar Korab?


Alas, the life of a fiend can get rather dreary some times. You can just be just stood, in the middle of the street enjoying some fresh air, perhaps even a cigarette when all of a sudden, some Paladin has to leap out on you waving a sword and wailing about some deity. It amuses me no end that there are certain inhabitants of the isles who feel it is their duty to stick up for everybody else. If that wasn’t enough he decides to launch a crusade against fiendkind, and which better place to launch it than a street full of Abyssals I ask?

The Daily Sin #1

Welcome one and all to the first
instalment of "The Daily Sin", Sinfar's only national
coverage. The Daily Sin aims to bring you the latest in all aspects of
doings on the isles.

Gah! Wizardry!

Just this morning as I awoke to sounds of birdsong so beautiful that they rivaled the spring of 1360, a horrible thing happened.

Luckily I had my wits despite a long night of strong drink, but nay-say as you will, the groggy state that I found myself in likely prevented my heart from seizing beneath my breast.

There was a breeze, at first, and on that playful wind as it tussled with the budding branch and dew'ed blades came a foul that should have been banished to the earth with the bodies from which it came.

Baby... I want a fur too!

Men...furs are like diamonds. Expensive, overrated and never given to anyone who will love you forever unless you keep on giving them.

Word on the wire is a certain gender-confused pair of individuals recently did what ol' Sigfried loves to call a wet fur swap.

Crazy bitches... it doesn't matter. A fur is a fur and alive or dead, it's going to make a DARLING pair of boots and muff.

Sigfried's in love!

Is it just me or have the recent events given a certain war-minded liaison a bit of stiffness in the trousers?

Not to imply that I am obsessed with naughty bits.. we all know I only think about naughty bits when I am not thinking of naughty bits, but I just couldn't help myself.

I nearly plucked a new lute string into a complete and utter fray. With that said, I hope I can get this sun-kissed stud to swing my way.. What a man and those are so seldom seen around here, aren't they?

Does this sword match my rucksack?

Strife and starvation with limited resources is really getting me down.

It's so hard to look this good when ports are under attack, preventing me from getting my style on..

This traveling songbird has had to really pull out all of the stops to wear designer duds.

To top it all off, I had high hopes for custom made fingerless gloves to keep my mittens toasty as I strum upon my trusty lute.. Now I suppose I will have to wait with the rest of the rabble while everyone clutters their pretty little heads with tallies and guard-counts..

What an Event!

What's this I see? Does the plucky string of my song-weaving lute play tricks on my eyes as well as my ears?

Sigfried is here and girl, he has much to say! I have many tales to tell and too many songs to sing, so many songs, your ears shall ring.

So, don't you worry your pretty little heads, Sigfried has eyes and ears everywhere and he loves some good gossip.

I'll be in touch, darlings.

Sigfried the Songmaster

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