How to post on this blog

  1. You must be logged on. For that, you need to ask me (Mavrixio) for an account and then login here:
  2. On the left menu, click on the type of article that you want to create. There's 3 possibilities:
    • OOC Article: For Out of Characters annoucements. This is mostly for builders to post about what they have created / scripted.
    • Event: For something special that will be happening soon and that welcome no participants. It can be as much a game ran by a DM (Capture The Flag, Jousting, Last Team Standing) than  a masquerade ran as player.
    • IC Article: Something that happened ICly that players that were not there should know.
  3. Fill the form: The title, an image (optionally), the body and you can set a "read more link" if you have a thread on the forum that contains more information about this blog post:
  4. Finally, you probably want to promote it on the front page and then click save. You can always edit your article later: