Capture the Flag!

Hey everyone, will be hosting a Capture the Flag game at 12:00 GMT today!

Where's the party at, you ask? Come on over to the Dreaded Lands server, Competition Island


1) Have fun! These games are completely OOC so there's nothing but action. 

2) Need to use a level 40 character, fully geared! 

Anything else I'm probably forgetting. Although not required, it is advised that you have a sense of how PvP operates such as arming yourself with any needed potions or wands, as well as having additional gear sets! Not mandatory, you are free to play as you are but it would be helpful is all.

Oh! Games will be announced 30 minutes before the start. So look for my shouts, and wrap up whatever you need to do, if you're late you are out of luck! 


Any questions? You may contact me (DM Cats/TorturedCats) in game or message me on the forums (DM Cats).