Arche Terre Season One Arena Finals

Event: Arche Terre Season One Arena Finals
Where: Arche Terre - Mur Arena
When: Sunday 25 September 2016 at 2PM EST
The Mur Arena Season One is offering Arena Gladiators a chance to test themselves in combat and get familiar with the Mur Arena System for a very cheap cost before Season Two begins.

How does the system works?
You buy an Arena Token from the Referee by the arena.
The current Arena Token Cost is 15000 GP. This token has a value of 10000 GP.
Before a fight both Gladiators should show their tokens but this isn’t necessary. The system should detect if both gladiators have arena tokens and ensures tokens are from the same season.
When the duel ends, if both gladiators had arena tokens the looser of the duel will loose their token. The value of their token will be added to the winner's token. At this point the winner can choose to cash out and actually make some gold or continue to fight to increase the winning streak on their token but they will be risking the full value if they loose. The should also work for "Royal Rumbles" of more than 2 gladiators with the last gladiator standing absorbing the value of all tokens. This has not been tested yet.

Gladiators can use the Arche Terre Arena System at any time. This event is just to close of the season and answer any questions about the systems.
Feel free to stop by and watch or RP even if you don't plan to compete.

Once event is over the Arena Season Two will begin:
Season two will last longer. The price to buy tokens during season two will be 150000 GP and the Token value will be 100000 GP. This means the victor of a match will profit 50000 GP if they choose to cash out.