Arche Terre Season Two Archery Tournament

Event: Arche Terre Season Two Archery Tournament
Where: Arche Terre - Mur Arena
When: Sunday 2 October 2016 at 10AM EST
The Mur Arena Season Two Begins with an Archery Tournament. Archers will be chained to arena poles and a forcefield will be erected. This will be a best 2 out of 3 rounds single elimination tournament.

Cost: 150000 per Token

Important: Archers must be able to afford their tokens throughout the whole event. Sponsors are allowed to pay for the token. Failure to pay for a token means disqualification from the tournament.

How does the system works?
You buy an Arena Token from the Referee in the arena.
The current Arena Token Cost is 150000 GP. This token has a value of 100000 GP.
Before a fight both gladiators should show their tokens to ensure each has a token. The system should detect if both gladiators have arena tokens and ensures tokens are from the same season.
When the duel ends, if both gladiators had arena tokens the looser of the duel will loose their token. The value of their token will be added to the winner's token. At this point the winner can choose to cash out and actually make 50000 gold or continue to fight to increase the winning streak on their token but they will be risking the full value if they loose.

Gladiators must buy a new token every arena round.

Gladiators can use the Arche Terre Arena System at any time. Feel free to stop by and watch or RP even if you don't plan to compete.