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You can now make your own scripts for inside your house!

A Naïf In Neverwinter Nights: Exploring Roleplay In An Erotic Fantasy Server

Role-play has always been a curious concept to me despite spending half of my life believing it was little more than adults wearing fake armor and speaking in phony English accents. When I became obsessed with pen and paper RPGs, I forced three of my friends to try Dungeons and Dragons. Our awkward adventure was akin to four naive boys going on a journey, finding a dead body, and then never talking about it ever again.


A late recapping of the egg hunt!

Screenshots can be found here: http://forum.sinfar.net/viewtopic.php?f=268&t=10719&p=72402#p72402

The egg hunt on dread went off more or less well, with many players getting eggs and a good amount of pvp fun had by all. This event while plagued with a few minor bugs, seems to have been a huge success, with almost 50 players active on dread during it!

Future plans for this event include shaping it for an IC version (in Dread's soon to come travelling festival) as well as other potential versions of it. Expect to see more of this event in the future (a bi-weekly or even weekly version of it!)

New Look


Sinfar.net has been updated to match it's sister forum site color scheme

If it doesn't look right after you clean your cache please post comments on this thread.

How to post on this blog

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  2. On the left menu, click on the type of article that you want to create. There's 3 possibilities:
    • OOC Article: For Out of Characters annoucements. This is mostly for builders to post about what they have created / scripted.
    • Event: For something special that will be happening soon and that welcome no participants. It can be as much a game ran by a DM (Capture The Flag, Jousting, Last Team Standing) than  a masquerade ran as player.
    • IC Article: Something that happened ICly that players that were not there should know.
  3. Fill the form: The title, an image (optionally), the body and you can set a "read more link" if you have a thread on the forum that contains more information about this blog post:
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Hak Update v26

It is live: A load of new accessory, clothing parts, bald heads on which you can put the hairs that you want (more than 50 of them), placeables, creatures, tilesets ...

New Server

We moved to a completely new server: new and better hardware and new IP.

You can direct connect to it by using the IP:

The nwn.sinfar.net / play.sinfar.net / server.sinfar.net should be linked to it soon.

New haks required for the Lotus Isles

Miuo has been waiting for them for about 1 years and has apparently nice areas already done, waiting to be put online and it will finally be possible.

If you have visited the Lotus Isles or want to visit them, you will need the new haks ... for tomorrow.

As always, you can download them here: http://sinfar.net/haks

New rules for the public chat channels

Let's use the "alone" (/ffa) channel!

This channel had about no purpose.... it was only seen by people that are on the web client and people that are set as "feeling alone" in game, so people preferred to spam the /ooc channel instead.

But no more! It was getting a real problem, to the point where it was impossible to play with the /ooc channel turn on and if it is to exclude everyone in game from a channel, well we should as much use this forgotten "alone", now named FFA, channel.

We will be much less strict on how this channel is used but at the opposite, any spam or trolling of the OOC channel will bring quickly to a consequence.

The OOC channel should be only for a serious matter that is related to Sinfar that is pg13 (use the /sex channel otherwise).


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