Out of Character News

Haks v25 are live!

Today the long awaited v25 haks have been installed on the server, so you can finally see their awesome new contents including:

  • over 5000 new placeables
  • about 1000 new creatures
  • new animations, wings and tails
  • many new armor parts including 100 new torsos
  • new visual effects including nearly 20 different piercings that you can adjust to fit perfectly on your face
  • many new heads, weapons, helmets, tilesets and fixes

If you don't have the haks yet, you can download them here: http://sinfar.net/hakupdate

A completely new world!

The Serpeant Sea Isles are now completely separated from Sinfar world: They have their own servervault, bank vault, rules and challenge rating. This will make it possible to have a more hardcore roleplay place linked to the Sinfar community and with all its features.

Everyone on the SSI will still appear on the player list of all servers... they will remain as much accessible, they will justbe in another world ICly. It is not decided yet how people on the SSI will consider Sinfar world: as a dream or the future? ... we will see, but there's no doubt that this new SSI will make Sinfar much more rich ICly by enabling more serious RP.

More details of what the SSI will potentially include can be found here: http://forum.sinfar.net/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=8028&p=57611#p57611

Looking for Contributors..

We are looking for active players or staff to contribute! Please contact Mavrixio via PM on the forum if your interested.

The Official Launch looms...

The official website launch should be soon. I hope to get the last few parts of how I wish this to be finalized in the next day or so.

We are getting there...

The website is coming along...


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