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 +====== New Weapons ======
 +Here are all new weapons and the base weapon that you need to focus on to get the attack bonus.
 +^New Weapon Name^Weapon Feat to Focus On^
 +|chirurgical tool (specialized)|sickle|
 +|double scimitar|scimitar|
 +|heavy pick|war hammer|
 +|Ankus|war hammer|
 +|light pick|light hammer|
 +|assassin dagger|dagger|
 +|katar|kama (d2 base damage)|
 +|Bagh Nakh|kama|
 +|heavy mace|light mace|
 +|maul|war hammer|
 +|wind fire wheel|bastar sword|
 +|maug double sword|longsword|
 +For example, if you take weapon focus "​longsword"​ then it will also apply to the new maug doublesword weapon.
 +(If you are interested by the technical reference, the mapping (weapon -> feats) is done in this 2da: [[https://​​res_2da_edit.php?​erf_id=469&​resref=weapons_feats|weapons_feats.2da]])
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