Shade Brooke Board

Your Destiny Awaits...

    by Belladonna Briarthorn (Beauty and the Beast)
            on Thu, May 29, 2014 at 10:33 PM EDT
Are you an attractive male who is both vibrant and new? Do you have an appreciation of the arts and desire the companionship of those worldly and experienced? Do you wish to bask in the affections of those who would view you as their muse?

Look no further than the Briarthorn manor, set deep amongst the shadowed branches of the Whispering Forest Ridge. Come to us and allow your destiny to be revealed.

The Cathedral of Radiance welcomes...

    by Dead 02 (Vault of the Dead)
            on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 7:14 AM EDT
One does not need to follow the word of any one God, or Goddess in order to seek a deeper understanding of theology!

Theology is the study of diety through analysis of influences, intellectual discussion over concepts and through a myriad of means, a quest to better understand traditions, spirituality and faith.

An open discussion group is offered at the upper temple library in the Cathedral of Radiance, every Sunday afternoon at the fifth bell of the new day. (3pm cst)

We, the Dawnbringers of Lathander, look forward to meeting with spiritualists who come to Shadebrooke and the surrounding areas in order to achieve enlightenment through healthy means. We welcome you with open arms to our groups, to our temple and look forward to seeing new faces among those of us who also strive for higher knowledge, personal betterment and ascension.

Lord Briarwood's Theatre Troupe...

    by Belladonna Briarthorn (Beauty and the Beast)
            on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 at 7:14 AM EST
The Briarwood Theatre Troupe cordially extends open invitation to any and all performers for a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the most elite, most revered theatre group in the Shadecliffs.

Our productions range from the comedic, to the dramatic and with a flair for adaptation to the times, the Briarwood Theatre is always on the cutting edge in entertainment. Our stage, could be your stage and your charisma can make you a star.

Actors, actresses, musicians, artists.. performers of all range, seek out the theatre, deep in the Whispering Wood, for tomorrow can never be as bright if you don't begin to shine today!