Sinfar Council Board

The Dawn Festival!!!

    by Dawnmaster Freelyn Whitewing (Leprous1456)
            on Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 9:01 PM EDT
The Dawn Festival will be Celebrating two of nine Domains of Lathander.

Creativity and strength.

The Festival will have Food and Drink

The first half will be Athletics, proving feats of stength. 1v1 matches will be done in this event. it will last in 2 rounds with interchanging volenteers. The victor of each round

1. 100,000 gold coin

2. a Free Forging item to be made by Freelyn Whitewing

3. Free purchase of forging materials (Limited to 20 bagged materials. All forging materials are in bags.)

The second half of the festival will be showing feats of creativity.

These Creative feats can be anything from dancing, singing, telling a story, magic, technology, ideas, etc etc.

(Please do not perform sexual acts but telling an erotic story or dance is fine.)

OOC note: it will begin at 10:00pm Eastern time USA

Laws of Sinfer City

    by Lorus (Lorus)
            on Mon, Sep 05, 2011 at 4:25 PM EDT
- No murder, kidnapping, or rape. Any such offense will be punished severely, with the possibility of the death penalty.

- No fighting on the streets; personal grievances are to be resolved in the arena or in court.

- No forced mind control.

- Anyone causing damage to city or another person's property will be fined.

- Threats and insults are open permission for the offended party to challenge the offender to a duel. Refusal to accept the challenge by the offender will result in a fine.

- Slavery is permitted but only with the slave's consent. There will be no enslavement against a person's will, unless it is an official decree by the Council to serve out punishment for a crime. If a slave is unhappy with the way he or she is treated, they have the right to appeal to the authorities for freedom, even if they were enslaved in another city.

This is an official decree by the Council of Sinfer to be enforced ONLY by city officials.


    by Lorus (Lorus)
            on Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 2:47 PM EDT
Attention Citizens of Sinfer!

The time has come for us to defend out home from a most terrible menace that has infiltrated our fair city.
Melchor Darkholme has been officially declared an enemy of the state by the council, charged with multiple counts of torture, rape, mutilation, forced mind control, enslavement, and many other acts of cruelty upon innocent, unwilling victims.
Be cautious in hunting Melchor, as he is a vampire and it would not be an easy task to slay or capture him. He may also try and use his domination abilities on you. Under no circumstances accept any drinks from him. If you are unusuccessful in capturing the creature, bringing proof of his true death instead will also earn you the reward money. Good hunting, citizens!

Lorus Ornitov
Councilor of Sinfer

The council of Sinfar is hiring!

    by Emnric (Mavrixio)
            on Sat, Apr 02, 2011 at 2:47 PM EDT
The council of Sinfar is looking for a few rents collector.

- You are autonomous.
- You are strict and have a strong soul.
- You beleive in the the value of gold.

Salary: 500,000 GP per weeks / To be discussed

If you are interrested send a letter to Emnric.