Sinfar Downloads

Installation instructions can be found here:

All In One - Self Extracting
sinfar_all_files_v27.exe 2.90 GB All Hak Files Required for Server Entry Required

You will also need our NWNCX plugin:

Files Below are for advanced users: They are not required if you already have the all In one haks above.

All In One - 7-Zip Archive
sinfar_all_files_v27.7z 2.90 GB All Hak Files Required for Server Entry Required
Individual Files
override 177.45 KB Files for the nwn/override folder Required
sinfar_v27.tlk 94.79 KB This file goes in your nwn/tlk folder Required
sf_top_v27cc.hak 31.04 MB Files go in your nwn/hak folder Required
sf_cre_mdls_v27.hak 115.71 MB
sf_cre_texes_v27.hak 314.97 MB
sf_doors_v27.hak 30.02 MB
sf_effects_v27.hak 78.44 MB
sf_itm_other_v27.hak 97.40 MB
sf_itm_weap1_v27.hak 11.34 MB
sf_itm_weap2_v27.hak 13.74 MB
sf_ldscreens_v27.hak 38.34 MB
sf_pc_body_v27.hak 100.56 MB
sf_pc_head_v27.hak 107.16 MB
sf_pc_lower_v27.hak 22.36 MB
sf_pc_main_v27.hak 81.50 MB
sf_pc_upper_v27.hak 21.94 MB
sf_plc_main1_v27.hak 312.98 MB
sf_plc_main2_v27.hak 308.11 MB
sf_plc_main3_v27.hak 407.61 MB
sf_portraits_v27.hak 98.95 MB
sf_skyboxes_v27.hak 40.52 MB
sf_tls_core1_v27.hak 72.23 MB
sf_tls_core2_v27.hak 87.97 MB
sf_tls_core3_v27.hak 90.17 MB
sf_tls_core4_v27.hak 144.83 MB
sf_tls_core5_v27.hak 96.17 MB
sf_tls_core6_v27.hak 118.07 MB
sf_tls_extra_v27.hak 138.42 MB