Sinfar Staff

---------- SERVER OWNER ----------

Mavrixio: Server Owner / Host

---------- PLAYER MENTORS ----------

Player Mentors are someone you can go to as a player and have an issue dealt with that concerns another player but who you do not want to make a complaint or fuss over. They are people who will act as intermediaries to help solve disputes.


---------- ADMINISTRATORS ----------

Staff issues should be brought to the admin group (Via the forums), or if absolutely necessary, to Mavrixio, also accompanied by screenshots/chatlogs.

XStorm: Admin, DM, Custom Requests

Xordac: Forum Admin

LBS/Last Beaver Standing: MIA

---------- DUNGEON MASTERS ----------

If you have an issue/a rule is broken: Your first point of call should be to contact any DM and detail the event with screenshots/chatlogs if possible. These are then relayed to the DM forums where action is then taken. You can host images on ImageShack or Photobucket for ease of reference should you need to.

DM Corruption: Dreaded Lands Server - Dreaded Lands DM

DM Ghengra: Arche Terre Server - Arche Terre DM, Requests

DM Leverage: All Servers - Generalist DM, Requests

DM Spankitty: All Servers - Generalist DM, Requests

---------- MODELERS ----------

Custom or Import content creators that have contributed to enrich Sinfar's exclusif content.

Carcerian: Tilesets

Dusty: General Modeling - Custom PC & Clothing

Gloomwards: Imports - General Modeling

LBS/Last Beaver Standing: Animations

LordAshram: NPC Reskins

Spankitty: General Modeling - Custom PC & Clothing

Talisstra: Imports - PC & Clothing

Croquette: Imports - Placeables , PC & Clothing

Laputian Bird: Content Organization & Compilation

---------- BUILDERS ----------

Contact these people if you have a question or query regarding to one of their areas that they manage.

Anamorphose Arche Terre

Desiderabilis Island of Urskoy

Dusty: Sinifer , Cinder Isle

hitmanwinter: Carcerian's Secretary

Jeanie D'Jinni: Morilinde Taure, Celestial Anvil

Kaala: Sinifer Temple Basement Areas

Kricket: Arche Terre

Xordac: Arche Terre, - Scripting

Kzinti1: Icenfar, Aglon

LBS: Saban, - Scripting, Bug Fixes

Mavrixio: Oprah Palace, - Scripting, Server Plugins, Bug Fixes

Moca: Cat Ta Berry Island, Granas Falls

-Nymphet-: Iracia

Serenity: Aglon, - Scripting

Lonely Girl: Darkmist

smiles warmly: Need to get area list from builder

The Almighty Tallest: Sinifer, Drow City, Red Lantern, OOC Area

Tzerys: Esus (The Floating Isle, Wyrmtooth Island)

XStorm: All un-attended legacy areas & Dungeons, - Scripting

Zephyrys: Isle of Cinder

Spankitty: Sinfar Smite & DmD, - Scripting

---------- Other Sinfar Network Servers been worked on: ----------

Contact these people if you have a question or query regarding to one of the servers they manage.

CorruptionOverwhelming: IoP

Katalicious: IoP

KittenFish: IoP

Raise Hell Till It's Heaven: CWW