First and foremost a very warm welcome to you as a player to the world of Sinfar. We hope that you will enjoy your time here with us and will stay with us to create a fully immersive world in which to play.
  Sinfar is one of the most advanced NWN’s servers to date. We include a raft of custom content and the ability to live upload changes to the module as it is made up of a series of smaller modules and resource files. This allows for a depth of creativity and immersion that is rarely seen elsewhere in the NWN’s community these days. We are an expanding server, growing all the time as we invite and welcome those of the traditional D&D and NWN’s player communities, as well as those who may never have rolled a d20 before.
  We already host several of interesting themed settings, where you can conduct your RP; Sci-Fi Theme, Desert Theme, Nordic Theme, and Horror Theme, Pre-Historic Jungle Theme, and many more interesting areas to explore.
  Upon entry onto our server you agree to be 18 years or older, and that you will conduct maturely; showing respect to your fellow players and staff. Make sure you read all the information we have provided in this area before journeying into the world of Sinfar, unenlightment does not qualify as an excuse.
  Thank you for your time
  The Staff