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* This page list the currently active staff members that can be reached for help and it is by no mean ordered, the only ones or the ones that have done the most for Sinfar. *

Server Owner

Mavrixio: Server Owner / Host


Staff issues should be brought to the admin group (Via the forums), or if absolutely necessary, to Mavrixio, also accompanied by screenshots/chatlogs.

XStorm: Generalist Admin

Xordac: Website Admin

Dungeon Masters

If you have an issue/a rule is broken: Your first point of call should be to contact any DM and detail the event with screenshots/chatlogs if possible. These are then relayed to the DM forums where action is then taken. You can host images on ImageShack or Photobucket for ease of reference should you need to.

Spankitty: Arche Terre, All Servers, Generalist DM, Special Requests

XStorm: All Servers, Generalist DM, Special Requests


Contact these people if you have a question or query regarding to one of their areas that they manage.

Mavrixio: All Servers, Generalist Scripter

Spankitty: Arche Terre, All Servers, Generalist Scripter

EternalSenenity: Aglon, All Servers, Generalist Scripter

XStorm: All Servers, Special Requests Scripts

Xordac: Support Scripter

Busy_BZ_Bee Underdark Wilds

Zephyrys: Isle of Cinder

Immersion_whore Hollow Cove

She Lonely: Cat Ta Berry Island, Granas Falls

Road Apples: Lost World

Jeanie D'Jinni: Morilinde Taure, Celestial Anvil

Kaala: Sinifer Temple Basement Areas

smiles warmly: Graknok Holde

Tzerys: Esus (The Floating Isle, Wyrmtooth Island)

Bytex Me: Darkmist

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