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* This page list the currently active staff members that can be reached for help. *

Server Owner

Mavrixio: Server Owner / Host


XStorm: Generalist Admin

Xordac: Website & Forum Admin

Dungeon Masters

If you have an issue/a rule is broken: Your first point of call should be to contact any DM and detail the event with screenshots/chatlogs if possible. These are then relayed to the DM forums where action is then taken. You can host images on a cloud for ease of reference should you need to.

XStorm: All Servers, Generalist DM, Special Requests

Spankitty: All Servers, Generalist DM, Requests

Badger: All Servers, Generalist DM, Requests

EternalSenenity: Honorary DM


Contact these people if you have a question or query regarding to one of their areas that they manage.

Mavrixio: All Servers, Generalist Scripter

EternalSenenity: Aglon, All Servers, Generalist Scripter

Spankitty: Sinfar's Arche, All Servers, Generalist Scripter

XStorm: All Servers, Special Requests Scripts

Badger: All Dungeons & Servers, Support Scripter

Xordac: Forum, Dreaded Lands, Support Scripter

Carcerian: Aeon, Ambrosia, etc..

LockOn: Sinfar Island, Sinifer City, Leisure Island.

Busy_BZ_Bee: Underdark Wilds

Zephyrys: Isle of Cinder

Immersion_whore Hollow Cove

She Lonely: Cat Ta Berry Island, Granas Falls

Road Apples: Lost World, Kissmet

Jeanie D'Jinni: Morilinde Taure, Celestial Anvil

Kaala: Sinifer Temple Basement Areas

smiles warmly: Graknok Holde

FallenAngel: Esus (The Floating Isle, Wyrmtooth Island), Moonvale

FallenSin: Darkmist

Lorus: Saban

Dynama: Sinfar's Arche , quests & adventures

Stranger: Sinfar's Arche , quests & adventures

Nelak: Sakura

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