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Running Your Own Side Server


  1. NWN Diamond & NWN:EE client compatibility
  2. Live development (resets are not required to update your module)
  3. Web tools to build about anything except the interior of areas (you will want to use them instead of toolset, it is so much faster)
  4. Your own MySQL database
  5. Web tools to control your server (Restart, add Admins/DMs/Builders, change the passwords and other settings: PvP,Min/Max level,difficulty level…)
  6. A load of new NWScript functions and more keep getting added
  7. All Sinfar scripting systems are accessible and there's ways (hooks) to modify them without rewriting them.
  8. And much, much more (web client, portraits system, automatic backups, web tools to manage characters…)


  1. Because of the mature content included in our haks and on some of our documentation pages, all side servers must be rated 18+ (only allow adult players).
  2. Each side servers should be different and provide a new game play style. Try to be unique as much as possible.
  3. There's no limit in terms of “module” size or number of players but the memory and CPU usage of your server process must be acceptable. You don't really have to worry about this point, just don't push it to much by putting 100+ creatures in the same area.

How To

The cost is 20$/month.
You need a team (DMs, area builders and scripters) and a good concept, then when you are ready get started, contact Mavrixio on Discord:

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