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There's 2 very different kind of placeables:

  1. Static
  2. Non-Static

While it is a simple “checkbox” in the placeable properties, it changes a lot of things.

Non-Static Placeables

  • They can be targeted by players
  • They can be animated / have visual effects
  • They can be moved
  • They are only seen by players when their character gets in a perception range of the placeable
  • Since that are loaded by players dynamically, many non-static placeable can make walking around an area laggy for players. Areas shouln't have more than 100-200 non-static placeables.

Static Placeables

  • They are loaded by players when loading the area
  • They can't be targetted, be animated or have visual effects, moving them wont by perceived by players until they re-enter the area
  • They don't really impact players performance so you can add almost as many as you want to your areas (but ideally less than 1k)

Adding Visual Effects

To add Visual Effects to a placeable object, set it to non-static (dynamic), set the placeable OnHeartbeat script to “plcvfx_self” and add integer var PLCVFX_SELF, (or PLCVFX_SELF1, PLCVFX_SELF2, PLCVFX_SELF3, etc) with the desired VFX index number(s).

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