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Binding Stones

If you want that PCs be able to respawn in your area, you need to use this Bind Stone system. It is in this ERF:

Basic Usage

  1. Choose a non-static placeable, and place “bstone_spawnhb” in the heartbeat script on it.
  2. Set a string variable named BSTONE_TAG on it, with a unique waypoint tag as value. This tag can be the one of an existing waypoint or not, but it must be unique (only one waypoint can use it). If there's no object with this tag, then a waypoint will be created at the same location as the placeable.
    For example: WP_MYPREFIX_CITYBP

Advance Options

By default, a glow will be set up on the placeable to make it more visible. If this isn't desired, an int variable named “BSTONE_NO_VFX” should be set to 1 on it.

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