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Sinfar Spawning System

This system is technically unlimited: it can support any object type, any number of object, spawn condition or spawn location… but for now it is very limited. If you need an extra feature, please request it instead of making your own system.

Spawning a Single Object at a Specific Location.

  1. Create a waypoint at the specific location
  2. Set the tag of the waypoint to: SPAWN_<type letter>_<object blueprint>, where <type letter> is “C” for a creature or “P” for a placeable and <object blueprint> is the ResRef of the placeable or creature that you want to spawn.
    For example, the tag: “SPAWN_C_MOB_WOLF” will spawn this cute wolf: mob_wolf.utc:

Spawning Multiple Objects Inside a Determined Zone

  1. Create a trigger and define the zone with it.
  2. Set the tag of the trigger to SPAWN_C_<object blueprint>.
    For now only creatures are supported.
  3. Add the SPAWN_MIN and SPAWN_MAX integer variables on the trigger to define the minimum and maximum number of creature that should be spawned. Everytime that the area is “reset”, there will be a random number between those 2 values, of creatures spawned:
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