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 |SPAWN_CHANCE|Integer|Percent of chance that the object(s) spawn| |SPAWN_CHANCE|Integer|Percent of chance that the object(s) spawn|
 |SPAWN_TIME|Integer|1 = Spawn only during the day \\ 2 = Spawn only during the night| |SPAWN_TIME|Integer|1 = Spawn only during the day \\ 2 = Spawn only during the night|
-|SPAWN_FREQUENCY|Integer|Minimum number of seconds after which to re-spawn the objeects. By default objects will re-spawn ​after that the area has been "​suspended"​ which happen when a player enter the area after that no player has been in it for a number of seconds ​define by the MSDS_SUSPEND_AREA_TIMER ​variable ​here[[https://​​res_nss_edit.php?name=msds_include|msds_include]]. This variable can only extend this duration ​and the spawning will still only happen in the area "​woke-up"​ event.|+|SPAWN_FREQUENCY|Integer|Minimum number of seconds after which to re-spawn the objects. By default objects will always (try) to re-spawn ​in the area WOKEUP event. This variable will prevent ​the objects to spawn if the event is triggered before the defined ​number of seconds ​but the objects will still only spawn during a WOKEUP event.| 
 +|SPAWN_SCENARIO|Integer|The objects will only spawn when the SPAWN_SCENARIO ​variable ​on the area has the same value.| 
 +For example, with the following variables:\\ 
 +Objects will only have 30% of chance to spawn (0 or between 2 and 5 objects), during ​the day, if the area has the SPAWN_SCENARIO variable set to 1 and if the objects didn't spawn in the last hour.
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