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Character Body Appearance System

The system allows for the saving of custom appearances. These functions can be reached through either the rest (player) menu, or activated through chat commands.

On the rest menu, it can be found under [Quick Appearance Change] -⇒ [Body].

When naming, spaces should be avoided completely, using an underscore “_” instead to separate words.

Listing the Saved Appearances and Selecting Them

In the rest menu, The [All] function will give a list of all saved appearances.
The forms can be changed to directly from this menu.
Saved forms can be assumed via chat comand using !BODY:NAME

Saving the Form

The save my current appearance option does just that. You'll be asked to enter a name for the current appearance.
This can be done via the chat command by typing !BODY SAVE:NAME
This saves any PC based appearance within the standard allowed size ranges, including footstep sounds and the soundset used, wings, tail, and any applicable part scaling.
Gender is now also saved with the appearance.
Custom appearances gained via forum request have to be saved onto the PC by the DM filling the request.

Renaming the Form

This is rest menu only. You'll be asked to enter a new name for the current saved appearance being used.

Deleting the Current Saved Form

In the rest menu, select “Delete my current body appearance. It will list the current appearance name as well as the chat command for it. Via the chat command by typing !BODY DELETE:NAME This removes that saved appearance from your stored list of them.

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