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 +====== Character Body Appearance System ======
 +The system allows for the saving of custom appearances. These functions can be reached through either the rest (player) menu, or activated through chat commands.
 +\\ \\
 +On the rest menu, it can be found under [Quick Appearance Change] -=> [Body].
 +\\ \\
 +When naming, spaces should be avoided completely, using an underscore "​_"​ instead to separate words.
 +===== Listing the Saved Appearances and Selecting Them =====
 +In the rest menu, The [All] function will give a list of all saved appearances. \\
 +The forms can be changed to directly from this menu. \\
 +Saved forms can be assumed via chat comand using !BODY:NAME
 +===== Saving the Form =====
 +The save my current appearance option does just that. You'll be asked to enter a name for the current appearance. \\
 +This can be done via the chat command by typing !BODY SAVE:NAME \\
 +This saves any PC based appearance within the standard allowed size ranges, including footstep sounds and the soundset used, wings, tail, and any applicable part scaling. \\
 +Gender is now also saved with the appearance. \\
 +Custom appearances gained via forum request have to be saved onto the PC by the DM filling the request.
 +===== Renaming the Form =====
 +This is rest menu only. You'll be asked to enter a new name for the current saved appearance being used.
 +===== Deleting the Current Saved Form =====
 +In the rest menu, select "​Delete my current body appearance. It will list the current appearance name as well as the chat command for it.
 +Via the chat command by typing !BODY DELETE:NAME
 +This removes that saved appearance from your stored list of them.
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