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Chat commands are a shortcut for one of the many tools on Sinfar.
They are rarely the only way to do something

How to Use Them

You just have to make your character speak the chat command. It must always start by an exclamation point (!).

More precisely, their format is as follow:
(Ok, this may look like a weird syntax and it is but it is well known by shell users:
For example:

  • !D2
  • !d2
  • !d 2 : 3
  • !MYCOMMAND:yes no my_name, ANOTHER COMMAND: this command takes everything that remains as parameter, yes even this.

Note that:

  1. The command name is not case sensitive
  2. Spaces are ignored in the command name part (but not parameters)
  3. A “:” will end a command name and what follows are parameters
  4. A “,” (comma) will end a command (if the command can be chained, a few can't) and what follows is a new command (or many commands)
  5. When a command takes many parameters, they are separated by a space
  6. You can chain multiple parameters with a comma, but some commands can't be chained

Brief List

Most chat commands can be used from a menu or are documented on the page about the system that they are related to. This is just a “cheat list” and it is far from all commands.

Dice Rolls

!D2 - rolls a d2.
!D4 - rolls a d4.
!D6 - rolls a d6.
!D8 - rolls a d8.
!D10 - rolls a d10.
!D12 - rolls a d12.
!D20 - rolls a d20.
!D100 - rolls a d100/percentage dice.

Multiple dice can be rolled with !D#:X, where # is the type of die and X is the number of dice to be rolled.

!ROLLSTR - rolls a strength check.
!ROLLDEX - rolls a dexterity check.
!ROLLCON - rolls a constitution check.
!ROLLINT - rolls an intelligence check.
!ROLLWIS - rolls a wisdom check.
!ROLLCHA - rolls a charisma check.

!ROLLFORT - rolls a fortitude save check.
!ROLLREFLEX - rolls a reflex save check.
!ROLLWILL - rolls a will save check.

Teleport Tools

!OOC/!IC - To instantly teleport to and from the OOC room.
!STUCK - Moves you if you are stuck.

PC General Tools

!UNBUFF - Remove all your spell effects.
!SAVE - Saves your character on the server.
!WHERE AM I - Shows your area and location.
!LISTPLAYERS - Shows you a list of all players and their locations.
!LIKE ALL - Like everyone.
!DISLIKE ALL - Dislike everyone.
!WHOSPY - A list of players who can hear you speak.
!MAIN PARTY - Join the main server party.
!FIXPARTY - Fixes your party.
!RELOG - Relog automatically

Quick Appearance Change

!HIDE HELM/!SHOW HELM - Toggles visibility of your helmet.
!AFK - makes you appear AFK.

Back Equipment

!M BACKEQUIP - Opens the back equipment conversation.
!BE BACKPACK - A backpack.
!BE BACKPACK COLOR - A coloured backpack.
!BE BEDROLL - A bedroll.
!BE QUIVER - Arrowquiver.
!BE QUIVER 0 - Arrowquiver, empty.
!BE SCABBARD - Scabbard A.
!BE SCABBARD 0 - Scabbard A, empty.
!BE SCABBARD B - Scabbard B.
!BE SCABBARD B 0 - Scabbard B, empty.
!BE SCABBARD C - Scabbard C.
!BE SCABBARD C 0 - Scabbard C, empty.
!BE GREATSWORD - A greatsword.
!BE NONE - Removes all back equipment.
!SHOW WINGS - Shows your wings.

Eye Effects

!EYES BLUE - Gives you blue shining eyes.
!EYES FIRE - Gives your firey eyes.
!EYES ORANGE - Gives you orange shining eyes.
!EYES PINK - Gives you pink shining eyes.
!EYES WHITE - Gives you white shining eyes.
!EYES NONE - Remove all eye effects.


!HORNS MEPH - Mephisto horns.
!HORNS OX - Ox horns.
!HORNS ROTHE - Rothe horns.
!HORNS RAM - Ram horns.
!HORNS DRAGON - Dragon horns.
!HORNS BALOR - Balor horns.
!HORNS DEER - Deer horns.
!HORNS DEMON - Demon horns.
!HORNS NONE - Removes horns.


!EARS BUNNY - Gives brown bunny ears.
!EARS BUNNY W - Gives white bunny ears.
!EARS CAT - Gives brown cat ears.
!EARS CAT B - Gives black cat ears.
!EARS CAT T - Gives tiger ears.
!EARS MOUSE - Gives mouse ears.
!EARS NONE - Removes ears.

Head Accesories

!TOGGLE CIGAR - Toggles a cigar between your lips.
!TOGGLE FIRE HAIR - Toggles burning fire hair.

!WIZ HAT - A wizard's hat.
!CAVALIER HAT - A cavalier's hat.
!PIRATE HAT - A pirate hat.
!MONK COWL - A monk's cowl.
!NO HAT - Removes your hat or helmet.

!HORSE HELM - Horsehair helmet.
!DRAGON HELM - Dragon helmet.
!WING HELM - Winged helmet.
!PLAY HELM - Platinum helmet.
!TEMPLAR HELM - Templar helmet.
!WATCH HELM - Watchman helmet.
!BARB HELM - Barbarian helmet 1.
!BARB HELM 2 - Barbarian helmet 2.
!FIGHT HELM - Fighter helmet, yellow.
!FIGHT HELM RED - Fighter helmet, red.
!ORC HELM - Orc helmet, purple.
!ORC HELM BROWN - Orc helmet, brown.
!DROW HELMET - Drow helmet, copper.
!DROW HELMET GRAY - Drow helmet, grey.
!EWAR HELM - Elven warrior helmet.
!EARCH HELM - Elven archer helmet.
!COT HELM - Crown of Thorns, red.
!COT HELM GRAY - Crown of Thorns, grey.
!DWARF HELM - Duergar helm.
!NO HAT - Removes your hat or helmet.

!GLASSES - Gives you a pair of glasses.
!SHADES - Gives you a pair of shaded glasses.
!NO GLASSES - Removes your glasses.

!BLUE VEIL - Creates a blue veil infront of your mouth.
!RED VEIL - Creates a red veil infront of your mouth.
!NO VEIL - Removes your veil.

Strip Menu

!M STRIP - Opens up the strip menu conversation.

Voice Chats

!M VOICECHATS - Opens the voice chat menu conversation.


!M EMOTES - Opens the emote menu conversation.


/pet <message> - Make your pet say <message>
/pet:<name> - Make your pet with <name> in their name say <message>. <name> must not contains space, but anyway, it only need to be one work from your pet name.

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