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Sinfar Supporters can make their own scripts for inside their house.

  • The NWScript virtual machine use this 2da: pf_nwscript.2da … to validate each function call. Here's what each column are for:
Column Description
Enable **** = The function call will do nothing and return an empty value.
YES = The function will be called if the parameters and OBJECT_SELF are valid.
AS_IS = The function will be called no matter what.
ExecuteScriptAfter the validation, instead of calling the internal code, this script will be executed as an event with the same parameters.
GetNextFunctionSince the default behaviour of GetFirst/Next functions may return invalid objects and so break make it inefficient/impossible to loop through all objects, when this field is set, the engine will automatically call this next function until it can return a valid object or if it has really reached the last object.
This are the restriction of each parameter and the caller. If the restriction check fails, the function call will do nothing and return an empty value. The parameter depends on the value type

NO_PC = The object must have been created by a player script.
NO_MODULE = The object can't be the module.
string/any value (often “P_”) = What the string must start by.
  • Only the module and objects that are in the house (any area of the house) are accessible. Functions may return external objects but then GetIsObjectValid(oExternalObject) will return false and calling any function with those objects as parameter will fail.
  • Only Players Blueprints can be created with the CreateObject function.
  • The events script field of Player Blueprints must start by “p_”.
  • Players Dialogs must start by “p_”.
  • Players Blueprints Tag must always start by “_P_”.
  • Local variables and Campaign variables must start by “P_”.
  • Only Sinfar Supporters can create Players Blueprints/Scripts and upload a house that uses them. Any Sinfar Supporter can use any of the Players Scripts or Bluprints, but they can only be changed by the owner (the player id of the owner is in the ResRef: p_<hex_player_id>_). All resources are listed here:
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