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NPC Appearance

If you know how to put an npc in your house , it may be time to dress them up !

Resources to use or that need to be created (similar) in your webclient resource page :


To spawn an NPC in your house you'll need :

1: A NPC. (female in this case)


2: An armor/cloth in the chest slot of that NPC.


3: The On_Spawn script : p_cf2_npc_spawn in the NPC On_Spawn slot or make your own and use the following code in your own script.


#include "inc_appr"

void main()
    string sBodyAppearance = GetLocalString(OBJECT_SELF, "P_BODY_APPEARANCE");
    string sArmorAppearance = GetLocalString(OBJECT_SELF, "P_ARMOR_APPEARANCE");
    string sHeadAppearance = GetLocalString(OBJECT_SELF,"P_HEAD_APPEARANCE");
    object oArmor = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_CHEST, OBJECT_SELF);
    int iOrginalAC = GetItemAC(oArmor);
    if (sBodyAppearance != "")
        SetEntireCreatureAppearance(OBJECT_SELF, sBodyAppearance);
    if(sArmorAppearance != "" && GetIsObjectValid(oArmor))
        RestoreItemAppearance(oArmor, sArmorAppearance);    
        object oNewArmor = UpdateItemAppr(oArmor);
        if(GetItemAC(oNewArmor) != iOrginalAC)
            SetItemAC(oNewArmor, iOrginalAC);
    if(sHeadAppearance != "")

4: The Variables on the NPC.


Var Values come from :

ARMOR = Tailor dummy change armor appearance menu.
BODY = Body dummy front menu.
HEAD = Body dummy change Body Parts Head menu.

Notes :

The Body appearance is somewhat optional as that would only show if the NPC gets undressed.
The Head appearance is optional in case you use a V2 head (a head you cannot set with the toolset).
The Generic_Master on the picture makes the NPC wander about and has nothing to do with the appearance.

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