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 {{:​getting_started:​how_to_play:​using_nwn_ee_20191203-195436.png}} {{:​getting_started:​how_to_play:​using_nwn_ee_20191203-195436.png}}
-As you can see, it includes SinfarX so you can skip the next stepbut don't forget to [[:​using_nwn_ee#​get_the_haks|Get the Haks]] +As you can see, it includes SinfarX so to launch ​the gamerun sinfarx_ee.exe
- +
-===== Get SinfarX (If you are not using the downgrade package above) ===== +
- +
-Download it: [[https://​​files/​sinfarx_ee.exe|sinfarx_ee.exe]]\\ +
-and put it in your win32 folder, next to nwmain.exe. For example: C:​\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\bin\win32+
 ===== Get the Haks ===== ===== Get the Haks =====
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