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Approval Points

What are They

Approval Points (AP) are OOC points given by Players Approvers (PA) when they consider that you are not a “troll”.

To use some of the Sinfar features and even to edit pages in this Wiki, you will a certain amount of Approval Points.

To know how many AP you have or who are the Players Approvers online, use the !AP chat command.

What Are They For

To use the public chat channels (Event, OOC, FFA…) : 1-2AP To edit and create pages in this Wiki: 3 AP

Who Are the Players Approvers

They are players chosen randomly by DMs base on their activity, reputation and experience on Sinfar.

They have the power to give you Approval Points and they can give a quick 10 minutes ban to anyone with 0 AP and that is causing problems on the moment.

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