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Using Custom Content

Custom Content include any game resources that is not part of the module.

Server vs Client Side Content

Not all custom content need to be on both the client (players) and server side, most of them only need to be on one side.

Client Side Resources

  1. Textures (*.tga, *.dds, *.plt, *.bmp…)
  2. Models (*.mdl)

Client and Server Side Resources

  1. Walkmeshes (*.wok, *.pwk, *.dwk)
  2. Tilesets information(*.set)
  3. Specific .2da

Server Side Resources

  1. Custom .2da

Distributing Client Side Content

For your players to have access to the client side resources, you need put them into hak packs (Haks):

  • Put your custom content into the .hak files
  • Compress your hak files
  • Upload your compressed hak files somewhere like the Neverwinter Vault
  • Send the download link to your players, like this: Sinfar Haks Download Page

Making Players Load Specifics Haks When Entering Your Server

Sinfar has an “Hakset” system which let you make players load different haks base on where they are located in the server for example.

An Hakset is a list of haks, they can be defined in the hakset_list 2da. The HAKSET_TABLE column point to another 2da which list all hak that need be loaded when a player has this Hakset enabled. For example: hakset_default

By default players will load a specific hakset, it is determined in your server config page:

Uploading Server Side Custom Content Resources

  • Put all resources that need to be on the server side, in a folder or hak
  • Compress the folder or hak
  • Upload the compressed file in the Top Haks section of your server config page:
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