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Housing System

Basic Guidelines

A player home must contain at least the following things:

  • 1 2×2 area made of one of the allowed tilesets.
  • A door with the tag “MAIN_DOOR” that will be used to leave the house.
  • Choose a specific loading screen. (The default the loading screen is set to random, which is bad.)

You can then choose the area lightning and ambient music that you want, add placeables, sounds, more doors, waypoints, triggers, visual effects and more!

Each area can have up to 500 objects and 125 of them can be dynamic, a dynamic object is either a non-static placeable, a door, a trigger or a visual effect.

(You may not put in your own items or creatures, or any merchants or scripts beyond those supported on Sinfar's houses script list page.)

Acquiring a House

  1. Find a location: Player houses are characterized by a sign with a title such as “House #5”, next to a door and the sign should say “For sale!” with the details on how the interior can be designed, for example:

  2. Go the the realtor: There's one for most islands or you can cheat and use the one in the OOC which is for all islands:

Building Your House

The interior of you house can be built using the Neverwinter Nights Toolset.

There's a few restrictions, they can be found on the page where you can upload your areas once they are done:

Here's what the process looks like:

How to Make Scripts, Dialogs, Creatures and Other Restricted Blueprints for inside Your House

The housing system is made so that you can even make your own scripts for inside your house and they will have no effect outside of it when ran. This feature is although restricted to selected players and Sinfar Supporters.

Read more here: Players Houses Scripts

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