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How to Participate to Sinfar Wiki


Any Sinfar player is allowed to participate to this Wiki, you just need to:

  1. Add an email to your player account page:
  2. Follow the guide lines explained here

Wiki Pages Format Guidelines

  1. Before adding content, do a search to make sure that there's not already a page/section about it:
  2. It is better to have sub categories (pages) than having one big page. For example, intead of having one big page for all approved houses scripts, it is better to have one page for the most commonly used and simple scripts and then one sub page for each other scripts: Approved Houses Scripts and then:
  3. When creating a new page, try to keep the URL of it as clean as possible (short and sweet) for example: /subject/category/simple_thing and not: /a_super_subject/the_name_of_it/what_do_you_want_to_do
  4. The first line of every page should use the “Header 1” format and it is used as both the page title and page name (in the index menu)
  5. Use sub headers (Header 2, 3 …) as much as possible to split the content visually but also because it creates a nice menu:
  6. Use images! The easiest way is to copy them and then paste them in the editor: it will automatically add the image to the media manager, in the right section and will add the correct tag to the wiki editor.


    You can also resize them by changing a bit the generated tag, the documentation is there:


Once you are ready, you will be able to login with the same player name and password that you use for the web client or website.

How to Edit a Page

  1. Click the “Edit this page” icon at the right of existing pages:

How to Create a New Page

  1. Enter the URL of the page that you want to create, for example: example_do_not_create
  2. Click the “Create this page” icon at the right of the non-existing page:
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